Been Looking For a Cute Nickname for Your Guy?

If you have been in a relationship or you’re already in one, you will agree with me that once in a while you may feel the need to give your boyfriend a nick name. When trying to come up with cute nicknames for guys, you may want to consider some few aspects like his personality and behaviors. Of course you want to give him a nickname that best suits his character. It goes without saying that you will select a nickname that won’t cause you embarrassment in front of your friends and his friends as well.

There are those traditional nicknames that are meant to show some form of endearment to your boyfriend. However, if you want to bring in the creativity twist you are better off selecting a name that best fits him and places him in the spot light as well. You can choose a nickname that describes how handsome he is, how funny he is, or how romantic he is.

Foreign nicknames have what we may call a sophistication and romantic touch thus making the nickname cuter. A nickname that has coordinating names for you and your boyfriend may strengthen the bond between both of you.

Cute Names for Your Boyfriend

These are the names that you call your boyfriend when you want to go beyond the “normal” names like Honey, Babe, Babie, Sweet pie and such like names. Make no mistake, these names are still used today to show affection but there are other cute nicknames for guys that can be used to have a deeper impact. Other tried and tested cute nicknames for guys which can show that you really like him include Pookie, Cupcake and Pumpkin.

If your boyfriend is the outgoing type a nickname that depicts his outgoing nature would be perfect. What about a name like sunshine for your outgoing boyfriend? Really cute, isn’t it? Be careful when using some cute nicknames for guys like Baby Boo, Peachy Pie and Snuggle Bunny as they may sound a little bit over sentimental.

A simple way to select cute nicknames for boys is to wordplay their real names on a particular given name. If his name is MacMillan for instance the name can become Mac, while Andrew can be Drew, Nicholas can be Nick. On the same lines, Anthony becomes Tony, while Carl can be Car.

Another way to select a cute nickname for your boyfriend is by using the first and last letters of his name to come with a truly unique and cute name. Take a name like Oliver Johnson for instance. You can creatively use the first and second letter to come up with a name like OJ.

Calling your boyfriend by his first name or surname can be yet another cute way of coming up with a cute nickname for him. In some instances you may find that his surname is easy to pronounce and you may want to use a rendition of such a name. If your boyfriend goes by the name of Fredrick, you may choose to call him Ricky or Jay if he goes by the name James. Other cute names for your boyfriend include:

• Pudding head
• My prince
• My beloved
• My All
• Chunky bunny
• Casanova
• Dewdrop
• Diamond

Pet Names for Boyfriend

Have you ever thought of using pet names to refer to your significant one? Many people are lost on why women in relationships nowadays use pet names to call their boyfriends. Contrary to what a significant number of women think, pet nicknames can turn out to be one of the sweetest cute nicknames for guys you could ever use. If you have a liking for a soft toy, or like to cuddle your man, you may decide to call him “My Teddy Bear

We all love pets and give the some of the cutest names that depict their character or our feelings towards them. The same goes when choosing pet nicknames for your boyfriend. You should select names that portray affection and love towards your boyfriend. This is imperative when selecting nicknames for boys and cannot be over looked.

Pet names can be a reflection of a particular individuality. These nicknames should bring out the feeling of love, romance not to mention the emotional attachment towards a particular person.

If he is strong for instance, likening your boyfriend huge, strong animal will go a long way in flattering his ego in addition to making him feel like a man. Be sure to add your own words and make it sound truly unique and special. Cute words like Honey bear, Angel Bear, Jelly bear and big bear will make him feel really complemented.

The beauty with using pet nicknames on your boyfriend is the ability to turn what others may perceive as deleterious (being huge) into a fun, cute nickname that is flattering.

If your man is the rough type, you might consider using a myriad of pet names for men some of which include Hardy, Tuffy or even Ruffy. In cases where your boyfriend has a mild loving nature you can use pet names like Love Child, Softy, Chocolate or Icy.
What are some of the cute pet names can you call your man if he is a music enthusiast? How about names like Music man, Guitar man, or the Soundy man? In additional you can use names like Smiley if he likes to smile all the time or Hotty if he is hot tempered. Other pet names for boyfriend include:

• Lovey dovey
• Stud
• Cuddle bunny
• My King
• Joy
• Love pie
• Tarzan
• Ducky
• Puppie pot
• Squishey

Cute nicknames for guys are meant to show how close you are to your boyfriend. They depict how strong the bond between you and your boyfriend is. If you’re so passionate about each other you can use cute couple nicknames to refer to each other. Nicknames like Romeo and Juliet, Cinderella or Prince charming can sound very romantic.

Foreign nicknames can sound very intimate. Some of this names sound are classical yet sound so fresh. Think of names like Ma Cherie Amour and change that to Mi Amor, Inamorato, or Mon Cher to simply call your guy my love. These are Spanish, Italian and French words respectively. Other words you can use include Querido for Darling, Tesoro for Treasure and Papi for sweetheart.

Choosing Nice Nicknames for Your Boyfriend.

Usually, people spoil names by making their short forms. At times, this can be quite irritating and annoying for a simple reason. People don’t try something different and stick to the same old names. For example, a person named Peter would be usually called Pete. This becomes monotonous and boring. Therefore, while looking for nicknames, it is always better to go with something different.

While choosing nicknames for your boyfriend, you should consider some important things. One of these things is physical appearance. It is also important to understand that some guys have long names and it is quite easy to shorten them. On the other hand, there are guys with short names and finding a nickname for them can be quite tricky.

Most girls like to choose nicknames as it gives them a chance to come up with something special. A girl likes to call her boyfriend with a name which is only used by her. This gives a special feeling and brings the two of them closer. However, it is important to understand that guys should not be given feminine or mushy nicknames.

While choosing nicknames for your boyfriend, it is important to be original, funny and romantic. In this article, we have discussed nicknames according to different categories which will help you to understand better and find a suitable nickname.

Cute Nicknames for Your Boyfriend.

If you want a cute nickname for your boyfriend, your best choice will be one that fits his personality. It will also be nice to give him a nickname which flatters his ego. When you don’t have a nickname for your boyfriend, you can use all kinds of special terms of endearment. However, using a nickname gives your boyfriend a special feeling and strengthens your bond. It is quite easy to pick a cute nickname for your boyfriend.

You can call your boyfriend by that single name or maybe different names every time you want to express adoration. Here are some cute boyfriend texts that you will find useful.

Let us give you some examples of cute and affectionate nicknames you can use for your boyfriend. These nicknames are quite common and make your boyfriend feel special. Examples: Honey, Honey Bun, Sweetheart, Sweetie, Darling, Baby, Babe, Lover, Love, My Love, Dearest, My Dear, Precious, Sugar, Sugar Plum, Sugar Daddy, Beloved and more.

Love Nicknames to Call Your Boyfriend.

Nicknames are a special way to show affection and intimacy in a relationship. Usually, most of the couples want to give each other a nickname that expresses their love for each other. However, it can be sometimes difficult to choose the right one for your lover. It is quite important to understand that you should follow some basic rules while picking a love nickname for your boyfriend. You should never pick a nickname which he had in a past relationship and hates. It is also important to pick a nickname which reflects his true personality. This will make him feel good about the name.

The most important thing to understand is that you should never choose a love nickname for your boyfriend just for the sake of it. You should choose a nickname for your boyfriend because you love him, not because you have seen other people doing so. This will allow you to select an appropriate nickname to express your love for your boyfriend. Examples: Angel eyes, Hot stuff, Sugar plum, Heartthrob, Sweet kins and more.

Sweet Nicknames for Your Boyfriend.

Almost each one of us has seen a couple completely and madly in love. Such two people usually call each other with sweet nicknames which might be quite painful for their single friends. A good way to add some fun, charm and intimacy to your relationship is by having secret nicknames which only you use for your boyfriend.

There are many couples who promise each other that they would never use nicknames. However, most of the couples eventually start using them out of love and affection. Sweet nicknames usually originate from special and intimate moments you have spent together. Sweet nicknames usually come naturally to you and it is not so hard to come up with one. Examples : Sweetheart, My Love, Pumpkin, Lover, Sweetie and more.

Funny Nicknames for Your Boyfriend.

There are many different ways to come up with a funny nickname for your boyfriend. While choosing a funny nickname, you may target his appearance, habit or any other trait. For example, bear names are quite common when we talk about funny nicknames. There are many girls who refer to their guys as Cuddle Bear, Big Bear, Honey Bear, Jelly Bear, Angel Bear and so on. If you have a goofy boyfriend, who always likes to play around, there are many goofy names you can choose from.

You can call your boyfriend Bumblebee if he is clumsy, cute and has a tendency to sting. You can call him Potato if he’s got a good sense of humor and his body structure fits the shape. Muppet names can also be good choices. You can call your boyfriend Animal, Fozzie, Gonzo, Elmo, Oscar, Bert and so on. It can be quite tough to come up with funny nicknames for a rugged boyfriend. However, you should ask yourself about something that defines his personality. This will help you to find a suitable funny nickname.

Romantic Nicknames for Your Boyfriend.

Most people wonder why we use special romantic nicknames while referring to the love of our life. The answer is that a romantic nickname can be a distinct way of telling someone how much you adore them. It gives your lover a special feeling and lets him know that he is dear and special to you. A romantic nickname can be very endearing for your boyfriend. For ages, lovers have used ways to express their feelings and desires in secret languages.

Most lovers have special words, phrases or even nicknames to share feelings, experiences and inside jokes. A romantic nickname keeps fun and excitement in your relationship. A romantic nickname can make you remember a special moment or a surge of affection. Examples : Tarzan, Lover, Sexy, Lover Boy, Sexy Beast, Hot Stuff, Sexy Baby, Hot Mama and more.